Aimoon — Fusion [FSOE Excelsior] + FSOE450

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Russian producer Aimoon steps up to the plate on the progressive FSOE Excelsior for a knock out release. If you’re a fan of lilting melodies and raw energy then this is the track for you. This is Aimoon. This is ‘Fusion’.

Manuel Rocca — Against The Wind (Aimoon Remix)

New Aimoon remix supported by Aly & Fila


Undoubtedly Manuel Rocca’s ‘Against The Wind’ has been an incredible release, with a huge support from DJs like Armin van Buuren, Aly & Fila, Giuseppe Ottaviani and many others. This time we present you the final chapter, ‘Against The Wind’ The Remixes: Part 2, which includes two A-Sides mixes. Russian maestro Aimoon delivers his very own interpretation, with an innovative combination of hard beats and emotive melodies. On the other hand, the remix contest winner, Chilean producer Braulio Stefield has created a beautiful musical piece with spellbinding sounds and a gorgeous main part.

Aimoon pres. Perfect Euphoria ep.38 (September 2016)

01. Aimoon — Fusion [FSOE Excelsior]
02. Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Paul van Dyk — We Are [VANDIT]
03. Aimoon — Thunderbolt [Always Alive]
04. Aimoon & ARS — ID [ID]
05. Abstract Vision & Aimoon — #OnFire [Monster Force]
06. Elite Electronic — Starfighter [Blue Soho]
07. Aimoon — ID [ID]
08. Alex M.O.R.P.H. — Not All Superheroes Wear Capes [VANDIT]
09. Miroslav Vrlik — Space Odyssey [Full On 140]
10. Edelways — Deep Blue [Always Alive]
11. Aimoon — Dragonfly [In Trance We Trust]
12. Aimoon — Unstoppable [In Trance We Trust]
13. Mark W — Lancha [Digital Society]
14. Plutian — Lorelei [Always Alive]


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Kova — Thruster (Aimoon Remix)

The new sublabel HIGH TRANCE ENERGY on Azura Recordings is very proud to announce its release number 002 with 3 massive tracks. The original is a beautiful uplifting trance production by the uprising talent Mitchell Pierce aka as ‘KOVA’ (from Oklahoma, USA) with the track THRUSTER. On the remix duties we have the worldwide talent, coming from Russia ‘Aimoon’ with a banging remix, and the new brazilian talent Marcell Stone who will also release a brand new single on High Trance Energy pretty soon.
If you love Trance Music, if you play Trance Music we asure you this will make a huge impact on your sets and will uplift to the maximum any of your listeners. Stay tuned for the upcoming tracks on High Trance Energy (Azura Recordings)

Aimoon — Unstoppable + Dragonfly [teaser]

Aimoon — Unstoppable + Dragonfly [IN TRUST WE TRUST]


You may have already heard Aimoon’s Unstoppable on the In Trance We Trust 021 mixcomp. He now releases this showstopper of an uplifting psy-trance tune on the ITWT imprint, together with the brand new Dragonfly; an equally astonishing track. Did we mention this E.P. is a must-have?

In Trance We Trust 679-0
Aimoon – Unstoppable + Dragonfly
1. Unstoppable
2. Dragonfly

Aimoon pres. Perfect Euphoria ep.37 (August 2016)

01. Aimoon — Moments of Life [Full On 140]
02. Amir Hussain — Bombshell [Digital Society]
03. Miroslav Vrlik & Martin Jurenka — Reach Me [Always Alive]
04. Alex M.O.R.P.H. — Not All Superheroes Wear Capes [Vandit]
05. Aimoon — Dragonfly [In Trance We Trust]
06. U-Mount — Guard [Silent Shore]
07. Roman Messer — True [Suanda Music]
08. Sven E & A-Tronix — Tell Me [Redux]
09. Aimoon & Offshore Wind — DarkPhoria [Universal Nation]
10. Aimoon — Unstoppable [In Trance We Trust]
11. Manuel Rocca — Against The Wind (Aimoon Remix) [Levitated Music]
12. Adam Lester — That Moment (Delta IV Remix) [Pulsar]
13. Kova — Thruster (Aimoon Remix) [Azura]
14. Aero 21 — Zeus [Silver Waves]


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Aimoon pres. Perfect Euphoria ep.36 (July 2016)

01. Axel Core — Soul Road [Shamania Music]
02. Josh Oshima — Voyage [Silent Shore White]
03. Carlo Mathaye — Rising Moon [State Control Records]
04. Hoyaa — Autumn [Entrance Music]
05. Kova — Thruster (Aimoon Remix) [High Trance Energy]
06. Alex Wright — Golden Gate [Always Alive Recordings]
07. Armos — Call Of The Road [Suanda True]
08. Erislandy — Sutherland Falls [Redux Recordings]
09. Plutian — Knights Of Cygnus [Levitated Music]
10. Tangle — Mothership [Digital Society Recordings]
11. Aimoon — Unstoppable [ITWT]
12. M-Shane — Mindset [Shamania Pro]
13. Aimoon — Thunderbolt [Always Alive Recordings]
14. Edelways — A Farewell To Arms [Always Alive Recordings]


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Aimoon is trance music producer and artist of Armada Music, Enhanced Music, Outburts Records, Tool Trance and more #TranceFamily #TechTranceRevolution