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Aimoon — Fusion [FSOE Excelsior] + FSOE450

FSOE 450 Compilation (Apple / iTunes pre-order) — http://FSOE.lnk.to/FSOE450
FSOE 450 Compilation (Physical CD pre-order) — http://FSOE.lnk.to/FSOE450_CD
Download/Stream: http://FSOE.lnk.to/Fusion

Russian producer Aimoon steps up to the plate on the progressive FSOE Excelsior for a knock out release. If you’re a fan of lilting melodies and raw energy then this is the track for you. This is Aimoon. This is ‘Fusion’.

Aimoon Music

Coming soon: Aimoon & OzzyXPM — Pulsar [Always Alive]

Russian producer Aimoon brings his unique, melodic sound to Always Alive Recordings for the first time alongside Turkish rising talent OzzyXPM in the beautiful ‘Pulsar’.

Featuring rolling, driving bass propelling an elegantly uplifting melody ‘Pulsar’ provides a emotive debut release for Aimoon & OzzyXPM which fits perfectly under the Always Alive ethos.

Destined for peak-time slots in DJ sets the world over, this is ‘Pulsar’.

Beatport Release Date: 27th July 2015
Release Date (all stores): 10th August 2015
Label: Always Alive Recordings
Cat. Number: ALWAYSA109

Aimoon Music

coming soon: Aimoon — U-Phoria

State Control Records opens up its books for Aimoon with his electric single «U-Phoria».
«U-Phoria» is a dark euphoric EDM festival tune. The tracks cool progressive vibe will make the crowd go crazy! Great!

The Progressive Mix offering a more deeper feel to the track, but still keeps the energy and focus alive! Playful chords and warm essence throughout the mix makes this version to a must for each quality progressive set!

Astuni gives the track his own unique Uplifting touch. A serious punch, the unstoppable & forward driving energy will make your body move. The Astuni Re-Lift encapsulates the very best in emotive peak-time Trance. Stunning!

Aimoon Music Remixes

Aimoon — The Run EP

BLS182 Aimoon — The Run EP

Producing sensation Aimoon returns to Blue Soho Recordings with this fantastic EP called “The Run” featuring two smashingly uplifting originals with “From A to B” and “The Run” and also incorporates a remix done by him and Offshore Wind which is just as powerful and energetic! Keeping alive the featured attributes of the original mix. This release is most certainly geared to starve you for more!


Soho Music / 2015

Perfect Euphoria RadioShow

Aimoon Pres. Perfect Euphoria ep.20 (March 2015)

Aimoon pres. Perfect Euphoria ep.20 by Aimoon on Mixcloud

01. Agustin Gandino Ft. Jona Prado — For You (Jesser ReMode) [Mondo]
02. Mike Foyle Pres. Statica — Abra A Boca (Pablo Artigas Remix) [Bolted]
03. Noah Neiman feat. Mike Schmid — Follow (Original Mix) [Enhanced]
04. Taival — When Words End (Original Mix) [Always Alive]
05. Morvan — Stronger With You (Original Mix) [Infrasonic]
06. Wright & Davids feat. Danny Claire — The Meaning (Sunset & Myk Bee Remix) [Magic Trance]
07. Aimoon — Punch It! (Ronski Speed Remix) [Maracaido]
08. Rya & Manida — Escape To Paradise (UDM Remix) [Beyond The Stars]
09. Roman Messer & Sarah Shields — A Light Inside (Reorder Remix) [Suanda]
10. Roman Zarochincev — Kostroma (Original Mix) [Quadrocore]
11. Ellez Ria — Rewire (Fredd Moz Remix) [Trance All-Stars]
12. Scenica — The Man on the Moon (Original Mix) [Synchronized]
13. Cold Rush — Fragments (Original Mix) [Digital Society]
14. Darren Porter — Cause & Effect (Original Mix) [Monster Tunes]
15. Trancestral — Blast From The Past (Section 1 Remix) [Turbotraxx Tunes]


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Perfect Euphoria RadioShow

Aimoon pres. Perfect Euphoria ep.19 (February 2015)

Aimoon pres. Perfect Euphoria ep.19 by Aimoon on Mixcloud

01. Jaroslav Light & Star Night — Northern Wind (Original Mix) [Quadrocore]
02. Chimera State feat. Verenice Buerling — Life Has Just Begun (Rene Ablaze Remix) [Redux]
03. Aimoon & Ma2shek — Skyline (Original Mix) [DS-R]
04. Roman Messer — Cheboksary (A & Z Remix) [Suanda]
05. FloE — Nightwalker (Ellez Ria Arkam Remix) [Entrancing]
06. Emanuele Braveri — In The Universe (Akku Remix) [Condura]
07. Aimoon — The Run (Original Mix) [Blue Soho] #EXCLUSIVE
08. Miroslav Vrlik — All The Way (Original Mix) [Infrasonic]
09. Jasper Herbrink — 66 Conspiracies That Turned Out True (Original Mix) [Beyond The Stars]
10. Lange feat. Susana — Risk Worth Taking (Adam Ellis Remix) [Lange]
11. Derek Palmer — Sands Of Time (Original Mix) [Levitated]
12. Souhail Semlali — Damage Control (Original Mix) [Trance All-Stars]
13. Feel feat. Johnny Norberg — The Razor (UCast Remix) [Trancemission]
14. Project 8 — It’s Time (Jackob Roenald Remix) [Liquid Energy]


Perfect Euphoria RadioShow

Aimoon pres. Perfect Euphoria ep.12 (Jule 2014)

Aimoon pres. Perfect Euphoria ep.12 by Aimoon on Mixcloud

01. Anry — Rise Up (Original Mix) ?[?Enhanced?]?
02. Transet ft. Victoria RAY — Yearning for Freedom (Original Mix) ?[?Quadrocore?]? #Exclusive
03. Accendo — Shine On (Original Mix) ?[?Infrasonic?]?
04. Yuri Kane — It’s Time (Original Mix) ?[?Enhanced?]?
05. Monoverse — Fraction (Original Mix) ?[?Infrasonic?]?
06. Make One — Neon Light (Club Mix) ?[?Levitated Music?]?
07. ID — ID (Aimoon Remix) #Exclusive
08. Aimoon & ARS — Summer (Original Mix) ?[?DS-R?]? #Exclusive
09. Cold Rush — Temptation (Original Mix) ?[?DS-R?]?
10. Flatlex — Strangeness (Original Mix) ?[?E.T.T.?]?
11. Ultimate — The Next Point (Original Mix) ?[?Infrasonic?]?
12. 2trancY — Resonance (Original Mix) ?[?Rolling?]? #Exclusive
13. Aimoon & OzzyXPM — Stargazer (Matt Bukovski Remix) ?[?Unique Sense?]? #Exclusive
14. Ciro Visone — Waiting You (Original Mix) ?[?Trancendental?]?


Aimoon Music

Aimoon & OzzyXPM – Stargazer (incl Matt Bukovski Remix)

Double times supported by Armin van Buuren in A State Of Trance radioshow, original and Matt Bukovski mixes of collab track by Aimoon & OzzyXPM — Stargazer is out on Unique Sense records!
Stargazer Cover

RELEASE DATE 2014-07-28
LABELS Unique Sense
Aimoon & OzzyXPM make their collaboration on Unique Sense Records, powered by Matt Bukovski. Premiered in ASOT 659, Original Mix is a banging tech-trance tune with a mesmerizing dark melody, acid lines and driving bassline. Absolute pure energy track! Remix coming from the master of emotional uplifting trance — Matt Bukovski. He revised the original melody and put a lot of euphoric elements in his mix. Banging beats and beautiful melody lines give you real goosebumps wherever you are!

Aimoon Music

Aimoon — Comet Riders EP (out now)

Last in this year, supported by Armin van Buuren in ASOT, Aimoon‘s new uplifting banging Comet Riders EP is out today 24.12.13 on Blue Soho Recordings!
AimoonComet Riders EP (incl. The Light Side)

buy @ beatport or iTunes

Aimoon makes his debut on Blue Soho imprint finally, with a double edged slice of full-force trance energy entitled ‘Comet Riders / The Light Side’! Filled with energy and peak time power, Comet Riders opens the release in style. Shocking percussive drive and rocket fueled bass lines pressure the floor superbly, fat, super-sized atmospherics guarantee maximum damage every time. On the flip, The Light Side continues the peak-time theme with more high octane bass rollers and rippling kick drums fusing with shimmering synth lines to fantastic effect. Aimoon delivers from Russia as always ! On remix duty we have both progressive wonder Biotones & Nkoder as they provided a huge floorfiller remix ! Comet goes to dancefloors ! Enjoy, Soho Music / 2013