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Steve Anderson & Aimoon — Stay


UK based dj & producer Steve Anderson presents his collab single (made with Aimoon) called ‘Stay’. Progressive energy of original with emotional vocal in break makes it honest and matchless. Some trancy touches from Witness45 offers more greater diversity in structure and sounding. Label boss — Eric Rose prepared more progressive remix with techy elements in groove. And latest remix from great guys Tali Muss & Sean Rise, whose summer deep remix makes this single various.

Aimoon’s Live @ Trancemission Halloween (Moscow 31.10.15)

Aimoon opened Trancemission Halloween festival in Moscow. Also in line up was: Omnia, Christina Novelli (live), Jes (live), RAM, Faruk Sabanci, Feel, Abstract Vision.


Here is live stream from Radio Record:

1. Aimoon & AxelPolo feat Loz Bridge — I think it’s love (Sunny Lax Remix)
2. ID
3. Aimoon — Punch it!
4. Feel feat Jan Johnston — Skysearch (Aimoon Remix)
5. Above & Beyond vs. Heatbeat — Game down the days (Aimoon MashUp)
6. Aimoon & ARS vs. Tim Shaft — HyperFunkenstein (Aimoon MashUp)
7. Steve Anderson & Aimoon vs. Dyro — Pure Too Late (Aimoon MashUp)
8. Above & Beyond vs Andy Moor — Air For Life (Aimoon Bootleg)
9. Roman Messer feat. Lj Arten — Break The Ice (Aimoon Remix)
10. Abstract Vision & Aimoon — #Onfire
11. Aimoon & Ma2shek — Skyline



Aimoon pres. Perfect Euphoria ep.26 (September 2015)

Aimoon pres. Perfect Euphoria ep.26 by Aimoon on Mixcloud

01. Michael Li feat. Danny Claire — Take You Away (Rene Ablaze & Jam Da Bass Remix) [Redux]
02. Breame feat. Fiona Reid — You Are The Sun (Temple One Remix) [Always Alive]
03. Beatsole — The Dust (Original Mix) [Magic Trance]
04. Andre Visior — Eternity (Original Mix) [Always Alive]
05. Manuel Rocca — Rennervate (Original Mix) [Levitated]
06. Iversoon & Alex Daf vs Koen Herfst feat Valerio Recenti — Million Faces (Ronski Speed Remix) [Maracaido]
07. Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Heatbeat — Amistad (Original Mix) [Vandit]
08. Gaia — Carnation (Abstract Vision & Aimoon Remix) [cdr]
09. Abide — Hide Tears (U-Mount Remix) [Club Family Lifted]
10. Skyfield — Calm Before The Storm (Original Mix) [Quadrocore]
11. ID — ID (Aimoon Remix) #Exclusive
12. First Sight & Quasi — Delirium (Original Mix) [Edge EDM]
13. Allen Belg — Hammamet (Original Mix) [Levitated]


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Aimoon pres. Perfect Euphoria ep.24 (July 2015)

Aimoon pres. Perfect Euphoria ep.24 by Aimoon on Mixcloud

01. Aimoon & Offshore_Wind — Supasaw! (Store N Forward Remix) [Tool Trance]
02. Ian Source feat. Vivian — YOU (Manuel Rocca Remix) [Levitated Music]
03. Dark Fusion — Ride The Wave (Original Mix) [Digital Society]
04. Aimoon & OzzyXPM — Pulsar (Original Mix) [Always Alive]
05. Dave Marxon — Neuroscience (Original Mix) [Pulsar]
06. Andre Visior — Life Signs (Original Mix) [Blue Soho]
07. Roman Messer feat. Eric Lumiere — Closer (Cold Rush Remix) [Suanda]
08. Aimoon — U-phoria (Astuni Re-lift) [State Control
09. Paul van Dyk with Aly & Fila feat. Sue McLaren — Guardian (Jordan Suckley Remix) [Ultra]
10. UDM — New Sunrise (Original Mix) [Silent Shore]
11. James McGuire — Victus (Dr. Clarke Remix) [Pulsar]
12. ID — ID
13. Sean Tyas — Lift (Tyas Rework) [Discover]


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Forthcoming Single: One More Night

Beatport Release Date: 22nd June 2015
Release Date (all stores): 6th July 2015
Label: Digital Society Recordings
Cat. Number: DIGISOC129

One of Trance’s most consistent producers returns to Digital Society Recordings with the infectious ‘One More Night’.

Teaming up with fellow Russian’s Vlad Varel & Eva Kade ‘One More Night’ makes for a gorgeous combination of flexing bass, warm pads and Eva Kade’s beautifully matched vocals gliding alongside an overall tight production, ‘One More Night’ makes for a truly elegant piece of music.

We gladly welcome Aimoon back to the label alongside Vlad Varel & Eva Kade, this is ‘One More Night’.

Читать далее

Aimoon Pres. Perfect Euphoria ep.20 (March 2015)

Aimoon pres. Perfect Euphoria ep.20 by Aimoon on Mixcloud

01. Agustin Gandino Ft. Jona Prado — For You (Jesser ReMode) [Mondo]
02. Mike Foyle Pres. Statica — Abra A Boca (Pablo Artigas Remix) [Bolted]
03. Noah Neiman feat. Mike Schmid — Follow (Original Mix) [Enhanced]
04. Taival — When Words End (Original Mix) [Always Alive]
05. Morvan — Stronger With You (Original Mix) [Infrasonic]
06. Wright & Davids feat. Danny Claire — The Meaning (Sunset & Myk Bee Remix) [Magic Trance]
07. Aimoon — Punch It! (Ronski Speed Remix) [Maracaido]
08. Rya & Manida — Escape To Paradise (UDM Remix) [Beyond The Stars]
09. Roman Messer & Sarah Shields — A Light Inside (Reorder Remix) [Suanda]
10. Roman Zarochincev — Kostroma (Original Mix) [Quadrocore]
11. Ellez Ria — Rewire (Fredd Moz Remix) [Trance All-Stars]
12. Scenica — The Man on the Moon (Original Mix) [Synchronized]
13. Cold Rush — Fragments (Original Mix) [Digital Society]
14. Darren Porter — Cause & Effect (Original Mix) [Monster Tunes]
15. Trancestral — Blast From The Past (Section 1 Remix) [Turbotraxx Tunes]


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Aimoon pres. Perfect Euphoria ep.19 (February 2015)

Aimoon pres. Perfect Euphoria ep.19 by Aimoon on Mixcloud

01. Jaroslav Light & Star Night — Northern Wind (Original Mix) [Quadrocore]
02. Chimera State feat. Verenice Buerling — Life Has Just Begun (Rene Ablaze Remix) [Redux]
03. Aimoon & Ma2shek — Skyline (Original Mix) [DS-R]
04. Roman Messer — Cheboksary (A & Z Remix) [Suanda]
05. FloE — Nightwalker (Ellez Ria Arkam Remix) [Entrancing]
06. Emanuele Braveri — In The Universe (Akku Remix) [Condura]
07. Aimoon — The Run (Original Mix) [Blue Soho] #EXCLUSIVE
08. Miroslav Vrlik — All The Way (Original Mix) [Infrasonic]
09. Jasper Herbrink — 66 Conspiracies That Turned Out True (Original Mix) [Beyond The Stars]
10. Lange feat. Susana — Risk Worth Taking (Adam Ellis Remix) [Lange]
11. Derek Palmer — Sands Of Time (Original Mix) [Levitated]
12. Souhail Semlali — Damage Control (Original Mix) [Trance All-Stars]
13. Feel feat. Johnny Norberg — The Razor (UCast Remix) [Trancemission]
14. Project 8 — It’s Time (Jackob Roenald Remix) [Liquid Energy]


Aimoon feat. Eva Kade — Another Way is available!

Russian Aimoon (Alexander Golyshev) is back! This time with a more progressive-style track featuring the vocals of Eva Kade called «Another Way.» Featuring his signature-style of a jaw-dropping melody, the amazing vocals of Eva Kade, coupled with the kick drum line and automation, Rene Ablaze & Pluton comes with more banging and stronger kick.

Enjoy, Soho Music / 2015


Aimoon pres. Perfect Euphoria ep.18 (January 2015)

Aimoon pres. Perfect Euphoria ep.18 by Aimoon on Mixcloud

01. Speed Limits & Jaco feat. Joni Fatora — Palm Of Your Hand (Kago Pengchi Remix) [Enhanced]
02. ID — ID (Aimoon Remix) #Exclusive
03. Illuminor — Stay (Original Mix) [Always Alive]
04. Driftmoon — Rise Of The Phoenix (Original Mix) [Driftmoon]
05. Aimoon feat Eva Kade — Another Way (Rene Ablaze & Pluton Remix) [White Soho] #Exclusive
06. Cold Rush & Mhammed El Alami — Seshego (Original Mix) [Always Alive]
07. Andski feat. Charmy — Scars (DJ T.H.’s Darkness Full Of Shapes Remix) [Entrancing]
08. U-Mount — Airliners (Original Mix) [Club Family]
09. Mark Dior — Aphelion (Original Mix) [DS-R]
10. Armin van Buuren Feat. Sharon den Adel — In & Out Of Love (Aimoon & Ma2shek Bootleg) [cdr]
11. Beatsole — Gale (Original Mix) [Magic Trance]
12. Dreamy — Zap Cannon (Original Mix) [#138]
13. TrancEye — Two Different Worlds (Rene Ablaze & Ian Buff Remix) [Redux]


Armin van Buuren — In & Out of Love (Aimoon & Ma2shek Bootleg) FREEDOWNLOAD

Here is our top quality powerful tech-uplifting trance remix with cool tb303 acid lines for Armin‘s all times great hit «In & Out Of Love»!

It’s not an official remix, this is our bootleg remix. Unfortunately, we have not received any comments from Armada Music, but we already got support in radioshows and live mixes by Mark Sherry, Feel, Abstract Vision, Ex-Driver and of course Aimoon!

320kbps MP3

320kbps MP3